High-Quality Automotive Tutorials

Are you a distributor or spare-part manufacturer interested in creating high-quality automotive tutorials that are clear and understandable? We can help you!! Contact us: https://grupeina.com/en/contact/  

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Salon Autodistribution Loire Dia for repairers

Today, 20th June, Grup Eina is at Autodistribution Loire Dia Salon in France to present our technical services for repairers.

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Pour la formation sur les véhicules électriques au Maroc

Training on electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles in Morocco.

For training on electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles in Morocco.

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Formación electromecánica, carrocería y gestión, práctica y útil para que el mecánico afronte con éxito los retos de la automoción.

Our training methodology

Do you know our training methodology? We are based on real life.

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