CAMPUS-AUTO is a comprehensive curriculum with 84 courses related to Vehicle Mechanics vocational training cycles (CFGM), Automotive higher training cycles (CFGS) and 11 specific modules for the specialisation course in Maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles.


  • 96 courses/ 3 cycles
  • 2,700+ sections
  • 3, 700+ questionnaires
  • 1,890+ interactive activities
  • 8,177+ questions
  • 620+ videos and animations
  • Technical advisor (exclusive for teachers)
  • Video browser
  • And much more!

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🌐https://info.campus-auto.com/  🌐https://campus-auto.com/

EINA AD is a free programme aimed at teachers and students of the Automotive field to offer them access to content on new automotive technologies.

100% e-learning, intuitive and highly accessible training programme

  • 80+ courses already available online
  • 3 new courses already available in an e-learning format
  • 3 new courses for free every 6 months
  • Plenty of graphic and audiovisual resources
  • Interactive and self-assessment activities

☎️ (+34) 933 952 308

🌐 http://eina-ad.com/ 🌐https://info.eina-ad.com/

DGUIA 4.0: Guided Diagnostics 4.0 is aimed at bringing the Vocational Training Centres, which offer cycles that belong to Vehicle Maintenance, to the required technical update of content and vehicle failure diagnosis thanks to Grup Eina.

For this purpose, DGUIA 4.0 takes the successful training model of Grup Eina based on training vehicles equipped with the GEDBox. It is an innovative device used to carry out different practices and simulations of real failures on vehicles.

If you would like to take part in the project or have access to our training vehicles, contact us here.

SPAINSKILLS: We support Vocational Training

Grup Eina participates in the Spainskills competition by examining candidates in the category Automotive Technology.

During the competition, we challenge the participants by using one of our training vehicles that is fitted with the GEDBox, our own real failure simulator.

Innovation Pack

We bet on vocational education’s methodological and digital transformation, on the incorporation of applied disruptive technology in class, and on the training of teachers.

Do you have an innovative methodology?
Do you have the latest technologies in your classroom?
Do you perform technical training?

Didactic vehicle + Hands-on resources + Innovative methodology + Training for Teachers + Vehicle signage + Online platforms Campus-auto and CampusEina

Contact us!

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