Salon Autodistribution Loire Dia pour les réparateurs

Salon Autodistribution Loire Dia for repairers

Today, 20th June, Grup Eina is at Salon Autodistribution Loire Dia in France to present our technical services for repairers.

Our team, composed of Núria Pinent, our marketing manager, Paul Grimaud, our training manager in France, Kevin Kopec and Alex Montoto, our trainers and Manu Calvente, our bodywork training manager, is here to assist you and provide you with all the information you need.


Of course, you will discover all our technical services and the demonstrations we have prepared for automotive repair professionals.

We will perform the following demonstrations:

  • Automatic Transmission Maintenance and Draining with TCMatic
  • Welding demonstration on aluminium and steel, as well as demonstration of dents removal with Telwin
  • Passthru demonstration
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting with GEDBox (our fault simulation device) on the Hyundai Ioniq
Salon Autodistribution Loire Dia pour les réparateurs

Indeed, with Grup Eina’s support, you will be able to efficiently manage the maintenance, diagnosis and repair of all types of vehicles while saving time and money. This will help you reduce repair costs and increase profitability.

In fact, training, information and technical advice play a crucial role in satisfying your customers’ needs and boosting your business.


We can highlight the following services to help mechanical workshops in France:

We look forward to seeing you at the Autodistribution Loire Dia Salon for repairers.

Thanks, Sophie Revollon for the invitation!

Thanks to the entire Grup Eina team!

For further information, contact Autodistribution or Grup Eina.



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