Differentiating Technical Training: the Documentation

Differentiating Technical Training: the Resources (Part IV/V)

In the previous posts about our differentiating technical training, we have already talked about the importance of continued training for workshop professionals to support their own business and ensure the health of the industry and the mobility of all of us. After that, we explained why 93% of our students believe that our training is very useful. Then, in the last post, we analysed why 96% of them believe that the documentation used in our training sessions is excellent.

Differentiating Technical Training: the Resources

Today, we talk about the resources that we use in our training, because 97% of the students believe they are excellent.

Learn by Diagnosing and Repairing

Let’s remember that our training is based on cutting-edge vehicles. They are either currently top sellers or we expect them to be. Moreover, they share platforms and technologies with other makes and models within the same automotive group.

Likewise, our training consists of 30% classroom theory and 70% real diagnosis and repair of failures on the vehicle in the workshop. Here lies the key to our training: real hands-on practices on current vehicles.

Therefore, by resources, we mean everything required to carry out a proper diagnosis: diagnostic machine, oscilloscope, multimetre, etc., depending on the training and the make chosen by the customer. And, of course, our training vehicle!

Our training vehicles

Our training vehicles are fitted with our own GEDBox technology. This is a device that is specifically designed for performing real diagnostics and repair practices on our vehicles, as we have explained before.

The GEDBox is integrated into the vehicle and connected to its different systems. In this way, via Bluetooth, the trainer generates a real failure in the vehicle. As a result, the corresponding systems fail, just as they would in real-life scenarios. This provides students with the opportunity to diagnose and repair the failure using their newly acquired knowledge and skills. Consequently, students gain confidence and efficiency in their day-to-day operations.

As nossas formações técnicas e o que as torna diferentes: recursos

Where do we obtain these failures that we set in our training vehicles? We get them from EinaContact, our multi-make technical support centre, as we have mentioned in the previous posts.

We also use parts and models to simulate the reality of the workshop.

It couldn’t be more real. That’s why 97% of our students consider our resources excellent.

In the next post, we will talk about our excellent trainers and what 99% of our students think about them.

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