Our Technical Trainings: What Makes Them Different

Our Technical Training Sessions: What Makes Them Different (Part I/V)

Before delving into our technical training sessions and what makes them different, it’s worth noting that the automotive aftermarket sector has undergone a rapid transformation in recent decades. In the past, it focused on simple mechanical repairs, now it encompasses a wide range of advanced technologies. Tomorrow, we’ll see what the future holds.

Undoubtedly, for professionals in the vehicle maintenance and repair workshops, continuous training has become imperative. Those who adapt to this evolution will stay in business, keep providing quality service and ensure our safety and mobility.

Therefore, supporting car repair technicians in their ongoing education is not just a business strategy that allows our clients to sell more parts, tools or services. We are talking about building strong and lasting bonds with the technicians in the car repair workshop, helping them sustain their business and their professional development.

Formaciones técnicas y qué las hace diferentes

In the end, if we support the automotive workshop, everyone wins: the technicians, the workshops, the vehicle owners and the other players in the sector: manufacturers, distributors, service providers…

More quality and efficient repairs and maintenance means more consumables, more parts, more distribution, more manufacturing, etc. By supporting workshop professionals, we take care of the sector and ensure the safety and mobility of all of us.

As you know, one of Grup Eina’s pillars is education. But what sets us apart from our competitors? Why do car technicians speak highly of and recommend our trainings? 98% of students consider our trainings to be of excellent quality.

In different posts, we will explore what is behind our trainings:

  • Usefulness
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • Trainers

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