Formación técnica diferenciada: los formadores (Parte V/V)

Differentiating Technical Training: Our Trainers (V/V)

The last in this series of posts about our technical training and what makes it different, we will talk about the trainers, key figures in our training (and in any training).

We have discussed the importance of continued training for workshop technicians, which must also be useful for their day-to-day work, supplemented with relevant, quality documentation and supported by suitable resources. Trainers are the ones who give meaning to all of the above.

We are proud of them, and from here, we want to congratulate them because 99% of our students consider them more than qualified to deliver the training sessions.

Our trainers’ skills

Of course, we’re not just talking about technical skills here. Equally important are the so-called soft skills or interpersonal skills, those that are not technical, but rather relate to human behaviour and how we interact and relate to others.

Obviously, all our trainers have a long professional trajectory. They have not only worked for years in a workshop or official dealership, but they have also been with Grup Eina for years, being part of our technical teams, either in EinaContact or EinaTraining. With years of experience under their belts, their technical skills are unquestionable: they have an immense capacity to apply their theoretical knowledge to any vehicle. They are seasoned pros.

However, not every technician can be a good trainer. Specific skills are required to connect with students. Our trainers are great communicators, capable of expressing themselves in a concise and understandable manner; they are empathetic and skilled at managing different personalities within a group; they are assertive and flexible when it comes to resolving complex situations in the classroom; they are passionate, optimistic, respectful…

Our trainers’ knowledge                   

There’s not much more to add to what we have already discussed in the post about the training documentation and how trainers prepare it. In summary, trainers dedicate from 4 to 6 months, five days a week, 8 hours a day, to analyse the inner workings of a vehicle in detail and to gather all the technical information related to it. Furthermore, they study all the common failures that may affect the vehicle, in order to configure them in our GEDBox, which we talked about in the post about the resources in our training sessions.

When you dedicate so many hours to something and immerse yourself in it, you become an expert in the field. Moreover, if you also train your colleagues on the subject matter, and they identify aspects to delve into further, you continue to research and acquire much more knowledge.

Yes, our trainers train each other and also train the advisors from EinaContact, who, in turn, have daily direct contact with workshop professionals and assist them in diagnosing and repairing failures. Thus, the transfer of knowledge is multidirectional and continuous among our technical teams.

We have to be the best to offer workshop professionals the best technical services, whether we’re talking about training (EinaTraining and CampusEina), technical advice (EinaContact) or electronic units (EinaTech).

Do your workshops need technical support? Count on our teams! Contact us.

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