XMaster’s Technical Training 2024 is ready!

XMaster’s Technical Training 2024 is ready!

For those who may not know yet, XMaster is the Italian brand of Autodis for training and services dedicated to professionals in the automotive repair and bodywork sector. Its mission is to support them when facing the challenges of the automotive industry’s change and technological innovation, with technical services such as training. And XMaster’s Technical Training 2024 is ready!

So, for the second year in a row, thanks to our close collaboration, XMaster continues revolutionising the way training is carried out: learn by diagnosing and repairing a specifically wired vehicle for this purpose! Are you familiar with Grup Eina’s training vehicles?

XMaster’s Training for 2024

This year, XMaster is planning training in Southern Italy for the Seat Leon IV 1.5 TSI 130 HP with the DPBA engine. Obviously, XMaster trainers are the first to undergo training. Therefore, last week, they underwent the Train the Trainers programme at our facilities in Figueres. It was a pleasure to once again meet Giovanni Di Maggio, XMaster’s Technical Manager, and to meet for the first time his colleague, Eliseo Contino, XMaster’s Technical Trainer. Both worked hard to be able to train Southern Italian technicians during 2024.

Alberto Martos, one of our expert trainers at Grup Eina, was responsible for providing in-depth training on the Seat Leon IV 1.5 TSI. They studied in detail the different systems, and technical innovations in the engine and electrical equipment, and dealt with all common engine and cabin failures set up in the training vehicle. Look at how the Train the Trainers session went!

Train the Trainers

Our Train the Trainers sessions, intense days to train trainers, are specifically designed for the technical trainers of our partners to apply our training methodology based on training vehicles when providing training to professional car repairers.

We not only train them on all the new technologies fitted into the specific vehicle or its systems, platforms, and other peculiarities but also train them on the faults set in the vehicle. This ensures they can effectively guide the students when performing their diagnosis and repair on the training vehicle during the training session.

We turn them into experts on the vehicle, its architecture and its specific technologies and features technologies. We also provide them with all the relevant documentation to deliver training in their respective sessions.

Formaciones 2024 XMaster Seat León IV
Training on the Seat Leon

Our training vehicle, the Seat Leon IV, is now in Italy, and XMaster’s Technical Training 2024 is ready!

They will carry out a training tour covering the South of Italy, allowing Italian automotive technicians in the region to receive training and successfully handle the technologies of this top-selling model.

The Seat Leon IV 1.5 TSI 130 HP stands out with its new TSI engine, a 130 HP Miller cycle and incorporates the most advanced and optimised technology to comply with Euro 6 DG standards. In the training, we perform an in-depth study of it.

It’s worth noting that a significant part of this training focuses on verifying and understanding the operating principles of the electronic management system that controls the engine functions.

Additionally, we discover the new electromechanical brake servo system in the running gear.

When it comes to body systems, the training will cover the usual systems and the new developments in this Leon IV version.


Training is future

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