Training sessions on Electric Vehicles

Training sessions on Electric Vehicles

Last week, training sessions on Electric Vehicles took place at our facilities in Figueres for several  NTN, CLAS and Elring Klinger technicians.

Specifically, these sessions were conducted on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of July by Alberto Martos, our expert trainer on electric vehicles, and Paul-Henri Grimaud, our training manager in France.

We are very pleased as the training met the technicians’ expectations. Furthermore, they achieved the following objectives:

  • Acquire knowledge about the technologies applied to 100% electric vehicles (Renault ZOE), purely hybrid vehicles (Toyota AURIS), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (Hyundai IONIQ).
  • Understand all safety aspects when operating with high-voltage electrified vehicles.
  • Step-by-step training on the procedure for disconnecting high-voltage systems in each vehicle (lockout/tagout procedure).
  • Gain insight into the operation of batteries, electric motors, as well as the operation of electric motor control systems and battery charging systems.
  • Study the thermal control systems in different vehicles.
  • Learn about maintenance tasks, replaceable parts, and typical breakdowns in each of the vehicles.
  • Stay informed about the most common issues, solutions, and replacement components in best-selling electric vehicles such as TESLA and BMW.

At EinaTraining, we offer a wide range of training programmes that, of course, include hybrid and electric vehicles as well.

We would like to highlight that our training method is based on a 30% theory + 70% practical approach.

In order to carry out the practical part of the training, our trainers use the GEDBOX, an integrated device in the training vehicle that simulates real faults. This device enables participants to diagnose and perform repairs. This way, they can apply their newly acquired knowledge, techniques and skills effectively.

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