La formation sur le véhicule électrique continue au Maroc

Training on electric vehicle keeps on in Morocco

The training on electric, hybrid, and PHEV vehicles continues in Morocco thanks to our partnership with Logicat and AD Maroc.

So, today our trainer Paul-Henri Grimaud is in Meknes to explain the essentials of electric, hybrid, and PHEV technologies to Moroccan mechanics.

The training

The training focuses on the operation, maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles in order to raise awareness among repair professionals about the specificities related to electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles.

In this regard, it is an introductory training covering electrical safety and risks, electric vehicle propulsion, and battery and charging.

In fact, even the television channel Medi1TV highlights the importance of undergoing adequate training to face the challenges posed by electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles.

le programme portera sur les véhicules électriques , hybrides et PHEV, ainsi que sur l’entretien et la réparation des composants électroniques et électriques de ces véhicules.

Indeed, the mobile training is being very well received by mechanics, as workshops are already facing the reality of electric vehicles, which means that professional repairers must be ready to successfully tackle the challenges they present.

le véhicule électrique est déjà une réalité dans de nombreux ateliers. En bref, le réparateur professionnel doit être prêt à relever avec succès les défis qu’il représente.

In short, we offer highly hands-on and specific training based on real-life operations:

  • 30 minutes for electrical safety and risks
  • 60 minutes for vehicle propulsion (30 minutes of theoretical and 30 minutes practical training)
  • 60 minutes for battery and charging

This training is aimd at providing hands-on experience and prepare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively handle electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles.

Nous vous proposons une formation très pratique et spécifique basée sur des opérations réelles.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude. First and foremost, we thank all the technicians who have participated in the training with great interest. We also extend our appreciation to our partners, Logicat and AD Maroc, for making this mobile training possible. Lastly, we would like to thank our on-site team, led by our trainer Paul-Henri Grimaud.

Thank you all!

Training is the future! Assure the future of your profession!

Logicat Launch, AD Maroc et Grup Eina s'associent pour organiser quatre jours de formation sur les véhicules électriques, hybrides et PHEV.

The training on electric, hybrid and PHEV goes on in Morocco!

Marrakech: 22/05/2023
Casa: 23/05/2023
Fès /Meknès: 24/05/2023
Tanger: 25/05/2023

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