Training on Automatic Gearbox Maintenance and Draining

On 31st May and 1st June, the training on Automatic Gearbox Maintenance and Draining took place in our facilities in Figueres.

Our experienced trainer in automatic transmission technology and the use of draining stations, Paul-Henri Grimaud, was in charge of delivering this training.


This training was aimed at a customer from New Caledonia who owns a Kambio King 2F machine, as well as a technical sales representative from Autodistribution Morize-Loiret who needed to master the use of the TC-Matic ACE-18 machine for future installations and demonstrations for their clients.

The training was delivered under the supervision of Gérard Perot, the National Technical Service Manager at Autodistribution.


During the training, which consisted of 30% theory and 70% practice, the following aspects were covered:

  • Basic general concepts about automatic transmission (operating principles, categories and types of automatic transmissions, description of transmission components, etc.)
  • Maintenance and draining of automatic gearboxes: procedures and steps to perform maintenance for each type of automatic transmission, draining using approved tools, installation of maintenance kits (filters, sealing gaskets, etc.) for each type of automatic transmission, provide an update on FILTRATION KITS as well as on OIL.


Formation BVA

During the training, three types of automatic transmissions were used:

  • Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission: DSG6 Type 02E
  • Electronically Shifted Overdrive 5-Speed Automatic Transmission with Lock-up Torque Converter: 5G-Tronic 722.6 (MB)
  • Electrohydraulic Transmission: ZF GA6HP26Z (BMW/Audi/JLR)

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