What is the main asset that you have in your workshop?

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It is clear that car workshops should be managed as a business, and that the main objective of any business is to generate profits and make the investment profitable. Therefore, it is essential to know what are the main assets that we have in our business and, likewise, which tangible assets will allow us to optimally monetise the profits generated by the professional activity.


What is really the main fixed asset that workshops should keep in mind?

The fixed asset that we will always have at our disposal and that is really the only one we know will never fail us is the Total hours that the workshop makes available to customers every day when it opens its doors. Available hours are one of the few fixed factors in the workshop that can be evaluated correctly. The sale of services, repairs, customer traffic in the workshop are variable factors that can fluctuate depending on different direct conditions.


Calculating the available hours is very simple. It is obtained by multiplying the workshop’s opening hours by the number of productive workers on its staff.

A practical example would be as follows:

⦁ Daily opening hours of the workshop: 8 hours according to the scheduled working time.

⦁ Number of productive workers in the workshop: 3 (an example).

By multiplying the 8 opening hours of the workshop by 3 productive workers, we obtain the total available hours, which in this case results in the workshop having 24 hours a day to offer to its customers.

With this data, it is possible to carry out both short and long-term profitability forecasts for the workshop with respect to available hours, whether weekly, monthly or annually.

By multiplying the available hours by the labour cost per hour billed to the customer, we can obtain theoretical figures that will allow us to estimate the invoicing amount for Productive labour cost.

On another occasion, we will talk about concepts related to productive hours, unproductive hours and other concepts related to this vital factor for the proper workshop management as a business.

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