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Effort, perseverance, hard work, the desire to surpass yourself and evolve professionally, giving your best… everything has its reward. Rodi Motor Services has rewarded 12 of its best mechanics with some very special workshops.

As you can imagine, the workshops took place at Grup Eina’s facilities in Figueres. We started on Wednesday, 6th September, early in the morning. We warmly welcomed the invited mechanics and Rodi’s technical and corporate team. After the introductions, we visited all the departments of Grup Eina to give them a general idea of our services. We began with our call centre, EinaContact, then moved on to our training department, EinaTraining, later we visited the studio, LiveChannel, our workshops and, finally, we went to EinaTech, our experts in verification, repair, cloning and rental of electronic units.

Once we finished the tour of the facilities, we had a brief breakfast, and…

The first surprise of the day!

Have you ever contacted our call center? Did our advisors help you? What is it like to work in a call center? What tools do they use? What kind of faults do they come across?

Well, the 12 invited mechanics stepped into the shoes of our advisors, sat beside them and worked with them as if they were part of the team. They even helped diagnose and repair faults! As a curiosity, one of them received a call from a colleague from RODI! Life’s coincidences! When they finished, they all agreed that they couldn’t have imagined it was really like that and that calling and answering a call are not the same thing 😉. Not all of them, but most, would have been happy working in our call center 😊.

Heading into the second surprise of the day!

Electronic units are one of the most common challenges for workshops today. So, we invited Rodi’s mechanics to work at EinaTech, side by side with our electronic unit experts. They went through the entire process, from the first call from a mechanic with a fault involving an electronic unit to receiving it, through the process of verifying it for a cost estimate, repairing it, conducting further verification and sending it back to the workshop. Of course, we showed them all our resources so they could work comfortably 😉.

The most repeated comment: “So much technology, and how small it is!” Although they were impressed by the complexity of the operations, the team’s expertise, the technologies they develop and use, and the high level of precision required for any repair, all of them still prefer electromechanics rather than electronics… We’re still looking for electronics experts for EinaTech!

Lunchtime had arrived and a well-deserved break. So much new information, so many challenges and emotions, all in a very short time! What they didn’t know was that the best was yet to come… The best surprises are always saved for the end. So, when they returned, we seated them in our training room, facing away from the training workshop… until a thunderous roar of an engine made them turn towards the workshop and saw a fabulous rally car entering. Astonished faces. “What’s this car doing here? What does Grup Eina have to do with a car like this?” They couldn’t stop looking at the workshop, but they didn’t move from their spots… We had to tell them they could go see the car, that it was the last surprise of the day we had for them. That’s when they all rushed towards it, with admiration and a lot of curiosity.

And who did they see in the car when they approached? Well, it was Isidre Esteve, a great athlete in the world of motorsports—former enduro rider and currently a driver in the Dakar Rallies—and a wonderful person with impressive vitality, inexhaustible strength and an incredible passion for motors. He was accompanied by his Dakar co-driver, Txema Villalobos.

Isidre Esteve was invited to Grup Eina precisely to give a technical masterclass on his competition car to the 12 mechanics of Rodi Motor Services. But he did much more. He shared his story of overcoming challenges, his experience in Dakar and his life principles. He filled us with pure energy. And, of course, he and Txema shared a lot of technical knowledge with us.

Afterwards, we had dinner and concluded the first day. The feedback was very positive. Despite not taking a break, time flew for them. They were delighted with the different experiences and all the new knowledge acquired, both technically and on a human level.

Would you like to know more about these sessions?

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