Autodistribution Talbot explores our services for workshops

Last week, Autodistribution Talbot visited us to thoroughly explore our technical services aimed at workshops. Although they were familiar with Grup Eina, they couldn’t imagine everything that was hidden behind our scenes. So, we explored the services together.

Autodistribution Talbot explores our services for workshops
Multi-Make Technical Call Centre

Firstly, we visited our multi-make technical call centre, known as AssistanceDiag by Réseaux AD. Our call centre provides technical information and diagnostic assistance to workshops.

Furthermore, we examined in detail the new services offered by our call centre. Firstly, RemoteDiag, which allows the remote control of the diagnostic tool to perform parameter readings and fault code clearing, to carry out functional tests, adjustments, verifications and more. Then, the Pass-Thru service, which provides access to manufacturers’ platforms and their various vehicle-related services and functions.

GEDBOX technology, real-life failure simulator
Training Methodology

Next, we talked about our training methodology based on vehicles fitted with the GEDBox, our simulator for real-life failures consulted in our call centre. It is relevant for these training vehicles to be common vehicles that share platforms, components and new technologies with other vehicles in the automotive fleet.

Moreover, it is essential to understand the new technologies in these cars, how they operate and how they interact with their systems. However, it is equally important to know how to repair them effectively. Ultimately, gaining new knowledge and enhancing technical skills by diagnosing and repairing real-life failures on common vehicles is a training methodology that the Autodistribution Talbot team has truly appreciated.

Other services

Finally, we discussed the tremendous utility of our real-life failure resolution database, which boasts 1.6 million solutions integrated into the Autossimo platform.

We also delved into the expertise of EinaTech, our service for verification, repair, cloning and rental of ECUs (Engine Control Units). We talked about EinaLock, the tool that allows repairers to verify (and see) the interaction between the car key and the immobiliser.

Additionally, we covered the online technical training offered in the Campus AD, as well as our television channel and all the available training formats that include: tutorial videos, informative videos, product launches and interviews with renowned professionals from the automotive sector and much more.

To conclude the day, we performed a brief demonstration of induction dent removal on an aluminum bonnet, followed by a Pass-Thru connection demonstration. Afterward, we all went out to eat together and discussed the findings of the visit.

We hope that this visit will be the first in a series and the beginning of a prosperous and enduring collaboration between our two companies.

For further information about the Assistance Diag and Remote assistance Diag services, please contact Autodistribution Talbot.

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