Technical Automotive Workshops by Rodi Motor Services II

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At 9 a.m., our invited mechanics were already ready and eagerly awaiting the surprises we had prepared for them that day. We didn’t keep them waiting.

Training with Grup Eina

They have all been receiving training from Grup Eina under the guidance of Rodi Motor Services for years, covering from the most basic to the most advanced topics, including new technologies and fault diagnosis. With 8 training sessions per year, since they joined Rodi, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills. Each of the participants has evolved to become one of the best mechanics at Rodi Motor Services.

Jornadas Técnicas de Automoción de Rodi Motor Services
What’s behind Grup Eina’s training sessions?

How do we prepare the training? How are vehicles configured with the GEDBox, the real fault simulator? How are our trainers trained? Well, there’s nothing better than seeing it in person. Our honoured guests had the opportunity to work with one of our trainers, preparing one of the training vehicles for 2024. They had to showcase all their talent and experience because keeping up with our trainers is no easy feat!

Later, we presented them with a very different challenge, perhaps the most difficult of all, because we took them out of their comfort zone and placed them in front of a bunch of cameras in our television studio. They became the interviewees, the protagonists, but without cars, diagnostic machines, spare parts or electrical diagrams… We wanted to know them as professionals, but also as individuals. We wanted to hear their opinions and impressions. We wanted them to experience the same as other great professionals in our industry, like the guests of #Reflections or the impromptu interviews. And they did quite well! Some nerves at the beginning, but then, just like mechanics in the workshop!

Already in the final stretch of the Automotive Technical Workshops, and quite literally, we couldn’t resist a classic: a go-kart competition, with a few turns and a long straight to pick up speed. Congratulations to the winner!

Without further ado, we want to thank Rodi Motor Services for this initiative that highlights talent, hard work and continuous training. Thanks for trusting Grup Eina and our teams to organise and carry out workshops like these.


Jornadas Técnicas de Automoción de Rodi Motor Services

To the 12 invited mechanics, we hope you enjoyed the workshops and found them enriching and interesting. For us, they certainly were!

It is always a pleasure to work with colleagues like you, sharing ideas, opinions, and knowledge. We also want to thank you for your enthusiasm, your involvement and your commitment. Thank you for being part of our teams, part of our day-to-day, even if only for a few hours. Thank you and until next time!

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