On-Site training courses in Electromechanics, Car Bodywork, Truck and Sales & Management

New in Training Spain 2023

These are the new training courses available in the #Millennium2023 programme for #AD Spain!


4 hands-on training courses based on the most innovative systems on the market:


  • Mercedes C220 D BlueTEC (W205) 9G TRONIC 2018

During the on-site training, we will focus on the following systems: Common Rail management with 8-hole injectors and a safety system against lack of fuel, active cooling depending on the load, double exhaust gas recirculation with separate cooling systems, 3rd generation Bluetec SCR NOx reduction system, regulated start-up current and voltage-free line at rest, 9G TRONIC programmable sequential/automatic transmission of 9 shifts with no torque interruption, automatic gearbox maintenance and active lubrication with a parallel flow system, automatic braking with pedestrian detection, pre-Safe Plus system with a rear-view radar against rear collisions and anti-drift smart electronic steering.


  • Renault Megane 1.3 TCe 140 CV 2020

In the on-site training, we will work on the following systems: connection of the diagnostic equipment by means of the Renault “Token” Gateway, Continental EMS direct fuel injection, electronic management of the particulate filter, cooling system with a two-stage thermostat, electronic management of the dual-clutch gearbox BVA7, head-up display and multifunction centre display, assisted parking system, front and rear camera alignment, electric handbrake and keyless start and entry.

  • 100% Electric Nissan Leaf 40 kWh Model 2018

In the on-site training, we will focus on: resets and maintenance of the vehicle, handling, safety standards, personal and collective equipment, HV disconnection and connection, charging modes and ports, structure and operating principle of the electric traction system, HV battery, HV air conditioning and compressor, cooling system, brake system, diagnosis of components (multimeter, oscilloscope), HV insulation (megohmmeter) and resolution of failures in training vehicles.

  • 1.2 PureTech 130 CV Engine + EAT8 Automatic Gearbox

In the on-site training, we will focus on:

As to the PureTech 1.2 engine, we will work on: the complete engine disassembly and assembly, failures related to the timing belt, failures in the high-pressure fuel pump and the fuel system, failures in the fuel vapour intake system, failures in the ignition system and failures in the exhaust gas system.

As to the EAT8 gearbox, the training will focus on: the engine disassembly and assembly, maintenance and change of low-viscosity oil, seals and gaskets, torque converter, mechanical and electric oil pump, solenoid valves of the hydraulic manifold block, operation of planetary gears, clutch and multiple-disc brake and electrohydraulic parking lock control.


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