AD Truck

Yesterday, we welcomed to our facilities the press specialised in trucks accompanied by AD Bosch.

They came to get to know in detail Grup Eina and our new service line for Industrial Vehicles for AD workshops: AD Truck.

Now we also give support to commercial vehicle technicians so that they can do maintenance and repair of industrial vehicles in a more efficient way: information and technical advice, technical training, repair, cloning and rental of electronic control units for industrial vehicles, websites for their online visibility, etc.

Thank you very much for your visit and time! We hope you found our new AD Truck line interesting and, above all, very useful for the commercial vehicle technician.


The mock-ups that our trainers created for the on-site training EBS Trailer Programming generated a lot of interest.

They were also interested in the hands-on training in TV format delivered from our LiveChannel studio, 100% Grup Eina or in collaboration with suppliers, for AD Truck technicians (Spain and Portugal).

For your information, training sessions are already scheduled until April. The first one is with the collaboration of Valeo in January with the course on Industrial Vehicle Clutch and Mann+Hummel in April with the course on Characteristics and principles of filtration of Commercial Vehicles.

Our industrial vehicle trainers will deliver the training Verification of the NOx Reduction System training in February, followed by Industrial Vehicle EBS/TEBS Components and Connections in March.

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