III Vocational Training National Congress

The III Vocational Training National Congress is being held today and tomorrow at the UNIVERSAE Campus in Murcia under the motto “Commitment to Vocational Training“.

The event has been organised by the Comforp foundation. It aims to create a space for reflection in which Vocational Training teachers from training cycles related to the Transport and Vehicle Maintenance family can share their experiences and concerns related to technical and pedagogical aspects.


We are participating in this event to show our support services for Vocational Training. We actively collaborate to bridge the technological gap between Vocational Training and the day-to-day reality of professionals in our sector. The automotive industry is advancing at a dizzying pace, making continuous training in new technologies essential for everyone, starting with Vocational Training teachers and students.

Today, we are present at the congress, and thanks to the presentation of Nuria Pinent, our marketing director, we will explain how since 2005, Grup Eina and AD Parts have actively collaborated to build bridges and bridge the technological gap between the private sector and Vocational Training.

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Campus-auto es la plataforma e-learning de la automoción para los ciclos formativos vinculados al mantenimiento y reparación de vehículos

That’s not all!

We are also giving away 20 individual licenses to our CampusEina platform for teachers.

CampusEina is our e-learning platform that provides courses in Electromechanics, Bodywork, and Management and Sales to continue developing and updating your technical skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, Grup Eina has the CampusAuto platform, the comprehensive study plan for Automotive vocational degrees, and specialisation courses related to the Automotive industry, such as Vehicle Electromechanics (CFGM), Automotive (CFGS) and Maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

However, these are not the only services we offer to support Vocational Training.

Get to know all our Vocational Training programmes here.

Check the full programme for 12th and 13th May 👉 here.

More information about the Congress 👉 here.

It is a pleasure to attend and support Vocational Training once again.

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