AD Truck, el vehículo industrial nos apasiona

AD Truck, because we are passionate about Commercial Vehicles

AD Grupo Vemare relaunches the AD Truck programme for Commercial Vehicle professionals because we are passionate about trucks.

For this reason, today, May 25th, the first Industrial Vehicle Meeting of AD Grupo Vemare is being held at the Jarama Circuit in San Sebastián de los Reyes mainly for professionals in the commercial vehicle industry from Madrid, Zamora, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real, Salamanca, Toledo, Soria, Ávila, and Segovia.

In fact, 120 professionals from the commercial vehicle industry have attended the event.

Of course, Grup Eina couldn’t miss it!

Welcome! We are waiting for you at our Box!

AD Grupo Vemare y Grup Eina relanzan el programa AD Truck para los profesionales del Vehículo Industrial, porque nos apasiona.
Our teams are already ready

We will explain all the details of our services for commercial vehicle professionals and we will also carry out several demonstrations of our truck tractors and mockups to show you our training methodology.

In this picture, our team: Xavi González, Marc Martí, Guillem Martí and David Herranz.

Servicios técnicos para el profesional del vehículo industrial.

We will also take advantage of this event to show you how our technical assistance service works. We will provide you with technical information on commercial vehicles and offer you assistance in the diagnosis and repair.

In this image, our AD Truck advisors, Marc Martí, Guillem Martí, and Fabián Sola from our call center in Figueres, are already prepared to give support to commercial vehicle professionals in their daily operations.


nuestras dos tractores, la Iveco Stralis 460 E6 y nuestra Renault T480 T4X2 E6.
The protagonists

Obviously, we couldn’t forget about our two truck tractors, the Iveco Stralis 460 E6 and the Renault T480 T4X2 E6.

We would also like to highlight our training mockups for EBS Trailer Programming, developed internally to make our hands-on sessions easier.

Maquetas de los sistemas EBS WABCO, EBS KNORR-Bremse y EBS HALDEX

In other words, our training models enable participants to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in three different systems:

  • EBS KNORR-Bremse

However, we also offer additional training on the commercial vehicle:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • AdBlue systems
  • Renault T480 T4X2 E6

Furthermore, we also have live streaming training sessions delivered by our AD Truck trainers and official suppliers:

  • Clutches – Diagnosis and troubleshooting of common failures, in collaboration with Valeo
  • Verification of the NOx reduction system
  • Components and connections of the EBS/TEBS systems
  • Features and fundamentals of filtration, in collaboration with Mann+Hummel

And many more!


Find out our technical services for Commercial Vehicle professionals, in collaboration with AD Parts and its partners!

Encuentro Vehículo Industrial

AD Truck for Commercial Vehicle professionals, because trucks are our passion.

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