Answer Suspension Challenge

And the right answer is ….  C.

This question is included in the course Suspension.

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Here’s an overview of the course Suspension:

The suspension system is part of the active safety of the vehicle. Its function is to ensure the comfort of the passengers and prevent that the oscillations of the vehicle are transmitted to the body. This system also ensures that the wheels stay in contact with the road to keep the dynamic control of the vehicle.

The most important objectives of the suspension system are safety and comfort.

Below is detailed a complete study that refers to this system, from the behaviour of a conventional shock absorber to the most advanced systems in active suspensions.

The main objectives of this course are as follows:

  • To learn about the importance of the suspension system as an essential part of the vehicle’s safety.
  • To analyse the fundamental characteristics that define any suspension system.
  • To learn about the different suspension systems fitted in vehicles.
  • To learn about the general operation of the different suspension systems.
  • To analyse the operation, location and characteristics of the components that take part in each of the systems studied.
  • To identify the advantages and disadvantages of each suspension system and its variants.
  • To learn about the diagnostic procedures to be applied in the different suspension systems so that to perform the correct repairs.
  • To learn about the replacement procedures required for a correct intervention on the suspension system.


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