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Effective management of the workshop

Interesting reflection from our colleague José Miguel López:

“The automotive sector is undergoing a technological evolution. New technologies, in both internal combustion engines and electric-drive vehicles, have forced professionals in the sector to receive technical training in these new technologies if they want to keep developing their work in an optimal way. However, have you ever stopped and thought if workshops nowadays receive enough training to perform effective management of the workshop?


Today, it is not enough to repair vehicles well

The customer is increasingly demanding and expects excellent comprehensive service, which generates a need for workshops to receive training in topics directly related to management issues. Customer service, reception processes, productivity systems, profitability and all aspects related to workshop management are becoming increasingly important. We should consider that a garage, whether for cars, motorcycles, etc., is indeed a company, and like any other company, it needs to be managed efficiently.

At Grup Eina, we have been providing training in workshop management for different clients for years, both on-site and online. We have been doing it by means of our virtual Campus where a series of courses focused on the comprehensive management of the garage are available.

The courses in garage management training include the following topics:

  • Promotion of Garage Processes and Sales
  • Introduction to Management
  • Reception Processes
  • Productivity Systems
  • Communication Channels and General Improvement Plans

You can find more information here.”

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