ADI Summit 2023 Gala

This year, the AD International Annual Convention took place on May 3rd and 4th in the area of the Lake Como in Italy.

Last night, at the ADI Summit 2023 gala, Juan Carlos Martín, the CEO of AD Parts, received the well-deserved award for ‘Aftermarket Professional of the Year 2023’. He works side by side with Josep Bosch and Joan Reixach.

Every year during the ADI annual convention, partners and their suppliers vote and choose winners in different categories.

This year, AD Parts was in the spotlight twice, as in addition to the notable recognition awarded to Juan Carlos Martin, AD Parts was also awarded by Schaeffler for the ‘Best Work within the ADI Community’.



During the gala, more awards were presented. Among them, Valeo received the award for ‘Supplier of the Year 2022’.

Grup Eina congratulates all the awardees for their well-deserved recognition.

It is a pleasure and an honour for us to work hand in hand with AD Parts and Juan Carlos Martin. We are happy that the professionalism and constant work that characterise you have been recognised by the whole ADI community.

In addition, during the ADI Summit 2023 gala, all attendees were impressed by the very interesting speech given by Inma Martinez. She is an expert in artificial intelligence and talked about the impact that AI will have on the automotive industry.

As on other occasions, the ADI Summit Convention has been an excellent opportunity to improve relationships among partners, exchange ideas, and strengthen the AD International alliance.

Thank you for inviting us to participate in this event!

See you again next year!


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