Online Training. Campus Eina

The training solution for automotive technicians
Grup Eina Digital has developed a new “e-learning” training platform for the repair professionals: Campus Eina.

Campus Eina is accessible from the website Campus Eina with a user account and associated password.

Campus Eina is developed by a team of mechanical engineers, trainers and technical consultants who have long experience in the field of mechanical workshops and in the education sector. Below, you can see a simulation with real screenshots.

It is a platform that contains numerous training units with different degrees of complexity oriented to different profiles of technician.

Each unit contains a big amount of pedagogical and graphic resources:

  • Full Screen diagram
  • Complete description of electrical testing processes
  • Description and methodology of diagnosis processes
  • Tutorial videos
  • Self-assessment test
  • Complementary information and 3D animations
Knowledge update modules

The rapid technological evolution of the sector and the growing complexity of automotive systems are the reasons why numerous technicians have a lack of knowledge and methods for the repair and diagnosis of the latest generation vehicles. Therefore, there is a need for those mechanics to reassimilate processes and working methods for the functioning of systems and components.

Campus Eina has a specific programme for mechanics who need to update their technical knowledge. This programme is divided into 5 blocks:

  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Engine management
  • Safety and Comfort
  • Diagnosis

The training programme includes a total of 25 training units that are described below:

  • General Maintenance
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Brake
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Transmission Systems
  • Basic electricity and Electronics
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Start & Charge Systems
  • Multiplexed Networks
  • Ignition Systems
  • Indirect Pertrol Injection
  • Direct Gasoline Injection
  • Petrol Anti-pollution
  • Common Rail
  • Diesel Anti-pollution
  • GLP
  • Active Safety
  • Passive Safety
  • Air Conditioning
  • Climate Control
  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Diagnosis
Vehicle & Monographic Courses

In the automotive industry, vehicle manufacturers and major spare part manufacturers continually innovate and commercialise year after year new systems with significant technological improvements. Therefore, it is essential for technicians to have access to continuous training and suitable didactic material for their professional development and to maintain their competitiveness.

For this reason, Campus Eina includes another type of training courses. The are courses focused on a specific vehicle and specialised system courses aimed at advanced skilled technicians:

  • Courses of specific vehicle
  • Specialization courses

Both categories are orientated to advanced skilled technicians.

A vehicle course focuses on the study of all the electronic architecture of the car and the different implemented systems (injection, DPF filter, transmission, air conditioning, comfort, ABS, Airbag … .etc.). The analysis of these systems includes all processes, methods of diagnosis and repair, interpretation of wiring diagrams, use of workshop equipment (tester, oscilloscope, diagnostic tool… etc.).

Regarding the selection of vehicles, we choose cars that include “generic” and “universal” systems, implemented in a multitude of different makes and models.

On the other hand, Campus Eina also offers especialised courses thaht focus on a comprehensive study of a specific system such a: DSG gearbox, Common Rail system, Start & Stop Battery … etc. In those courses will be carried out a thorough study of the operation, characteristics, technological peculiarities, applications, processes of diagnosis and repair of the contemplated system will be carried out.