A workshop is not only about diagnosing and repairing vehicles, but also about managing a business

Another interesting reflection of our colleague José Miguel López:

“Is it enough to have a high technical level to be successful when embarking on the adventure of setting up your own  automotive workshop?

The automotive sector has undergone a technological transformation in recent years, which has forced repair technicians to receive training in areas that would have been practically unthinkable in the past.

Decades ago, it was enough to have empirical training in car repair to embark on the adventure of setting up a workshop. Concepts such as turnover, profitability and productivity were pushed into the background, as most entrepreneurs did not have the appropriate training in the field to be able to carry out optimum workshop management in order to optimise to the maximum the profitability of their company.


Relations with suppliers, relations with customers, relations with insurance companies, control of employee productivity and other important related factors require workshops to be managed as companies and the personnel in charge of carrying out these tasks to have sufficient knowledge with the main objective of achieving efficient workshop management.

The main premise to take into account, if we want the business to work properly, is “to manage the workshop as the company it really is”.

What are the most important aspects to take into account so as to optimise the profitability of the workshop?

– Productivity

– Efficiency

– Effectiveness

Concepts such as productivity help us evaluate the actual production rate per operator and the general rate according to the number of workers.

Calculation of productivity per operator:

Productivity = Invoiced hours of the technician / Labour hours of the technician


This is why management training is nowadays essential if you want to efficiently manage each of the workshop’s resources in order to optimise its overall profitability as a company.

On the CampusEina platform, you will find all the necessary resources to help you in the exciting world of workshop management.

– Promotion of Garage Processes and Sales

– Introduction to Management

– Reception Processes “.


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