Thousands of repair procedures in the same web space
Based on the experience of our technical hotline, every day the help desk operators of Grup eina Digital manage and solve hundreds of technical enquiries that come to them from workshops and mechanics from three different countries. Access to Eina VTS and optimise your time in the workshop by finding the best technical solutions for failures.
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Since 2005 and through our technical advisory platform, 45 experts advise, on a daily basis,more than 8,000 automotive technicians in order to reduce the time in diagnosing the fault and to be able to find the appropriate solution for failures in any multimake of vehicle make.

Increasing in productivity is our concern:
The repairer with access to Eina VTS proves us that, by using our programme, the productivity profit is over 50% wicj is a substantial increase in the profitability of the reapiar workshop.


Coming from the market in real time:
On average, every year more than 150,000 faults are consulted and solved thanks to our advice platform. Our experts select recurring, complicated and exceptional faults with their confirmed solutions, in order to incorporate them into Eina VTS. The content of Eina VTS is constantly updated and it consists of more than 50,000 solutions so far that cover faults in 40 combined makes. It is now available in English, French and Spanish.


How to find a fault and its corresponding solution?
Eina VTS is structured according to the guidelines of a strict technical and pedagogical nomenclature that respects the sequence of a diagnostic process and follows a symptom, cause and solution sequence and it is also classified according to the TECDOC standard. The professional has the option to search the solution using a search engine and / or discriminate by make, model, and system to visualise the solution corresponding to its fault. In order to be even more efficient, we also illustrate the procedures for the repair of damages by incorporating images created by our graphic design department.


Examples of informative bulletins available on Eina VTS