Real-life Solved Faults Database

Technical Bulletins with DTC’s, Symptoms, Causes and Repair Procedures.

We analyse, solve and verify garages’ real-life faults checked with our contact centre, and we turn them into technical bulletins structured by DTC’s, symptoms, causes and step-by-step solutions with illustrative images.

950,000+ cases, 100+ affected makes, 1,800+ affected models, 12,400+ affected versions, 3M+ searches /year.

The larger real-life Solved Faults Database. We integrate:

  • Solved and verified real-life cases from EinaContact.
  • Solved and verified real-life cases from EinaTech.
  • Makes and manufacturers technical bulletins and RMI.
  • Repair process approach.
  • Technical language simplification.
  • Multi-field search engine.
  • Quarterly updates (aprox. 150 new bulletins/ update)

Get to the point! Why start from scratch?

Repairers can enter the symptoms or error codes of the vehicle and if we have already solved the fault, they will be able to start repairing it immediately!

We facilitate the work.

We simplify the language of our technical notes to avoid confusion, and we focus on the repair process so you are more effective.

We have the solution to (nearly) all breakdowns!

We speed up the work!

Some examples of our EinaVTS technical bulletins:

EinaVTS is written according to technical  nomenclature and TECDOC identifications, respecting the steps of a diagnostic and repair procedure.

We use our in-house developed dictionary, that allows us to simplify the technical language and concepts of the bulletins, making them easier to use.

It is embeddable into other online platforms, web sites or apps, via Web Service or API, according to the customers’ environment and corporate image.

It is also available as a stand-alone web site at, with EinaVTS corporate image, or at customer’s domain, with its own corporate image.