Training for body work

The best training modules to acquire new skills
The body work training was born with the aim of accompanying the coachbuilders in their professional development, updating their knowledge in order to learn new techniques and to learn how to use new equipment and tools. It is a training in continuous evolution, as we incorporate the newest procedures and products in the body work sector.
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Update your knowledge

Become more competitive in the sector, get trained and become the best coachbuilder in your area

Discover new technologies

You will learn how to use the most innovative equipment and machinery from a high-skilled coachbuilder

Diversify your activity

 Learn new techniques that will allow you to offer new services

Make your business grow

Improve your skills and make your business more profitable. Specialisation and learning is a way to gain more effectiveness and more reliability.

Technological systems settings for coachbuilders

Introductory course on auxiliary systems of the vehicle (airbag, central locking, etc.) that, without being strictly part of the body work, affect the practice of the coachbuilder. It includes sections of vehicle settings.


Repair of aluminium welding

Training module that is focuded on the identification, repair and welding of aluminium. Tools and techniques (drawing and picking, joints, adhesives, welding) are dealt with in detail from a practical point of view.

Plactics Welding

Training module that deals with the repair of plastics from a practical point of view. It reviews all the existing techniques with a previous theoretical introduction of the basic aspects and the materials that are used nowadays.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Training module focused on the processes of repair, replacement and engraving of windshield. This course deals with both the specific tools and working methods. It includes a theoretical part and does not leave out issues such as the identification of the windshield types.


Techniques for body bulge-removing without paint

Training module oriented to the practice of body repair systems that do not entail the painting of the vehicle. Both tools and work methodologies are reviewed.

Initiation to evaluation

This module provides valuable information to the professional about the world of evaluation (scales, valuation systems, malpractice …) and clues to make communication with insurance companies more fluid, professional and beneficial.

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