Training for Garage Networks

In addition to our traditional electromechanical training aimed at independent workshops, we also offer integral and customised training plans to workshop networks.

Due to the evolution of the market and demand in recent years, the main established workshop networks have been forced to diversify their activity and offer to their customers new maintenance and repair services, in addition to the traditional services of tyres, oil and filters change.

With this strategic change, those workshop networks clearly need to train their technicians on the new systems and latest technologies in order to offer a quality and reliable service to their customers.

From Grup Eina Digital, we offer 360º training plans that can be customised and adapted according to the needs of our client. The training plan is initially defined and based on a staff assessment test that allows us to evaluate the general level of technical knowledge for each technician, as well as to identify weaknesses and technical deficiencies on some specific aspects. In this way, we instantly obtain an x-ray of the technical skills of the staff, which allows us to orient, define and customise the training plan.


Basic Electricity
Diesel Injection
Engine Cooling System
Common rail (I)
Petrol Anti-pollution
Brakes (II)
Multimeter and Oscilloscope (I)
Introduction to Anti-pollution
Multimeter and Oscilloscope (II)
Air conditioning system
Common rail (II)
Transmission System
Suspension System
Diagnosis (I)
Start and Charge System
Climate Control System
Diesel Anti-pollution
Multiplexed Networks
Maintenance (II)
Steering System
Petrol Injection
Basic Air Conditioning System
Injection Pump
Direct Petrol Injection
Safety Systems (ABS/ESP)
Brakes (I)
Workshop Management
According to the homogeneity of the results obtained in the evaluation, we establish different groups of levels that will have their own series of training modules.

The format of the courses can be adapted to the needs of the customer:


  • We offer face-to-face training courses,
  • You also offer the training programme in an e-learning format
  • Or hybrid formulas: face-to-face courses + e-learning material